Friday, February 24, 2017

Sad About It

A little wrap up from our week...
Look who's almost got his mission papers finished!

The only concern the doc had was about Estabon's extremely flat feet.  He's been concerning dr's with those flat feet since he was two.  They always ask if his feet hurt to walk or run and the answer is always, nope.

Uncle Bobby took Jax out for a birthday lunch.
Pork and beans and a rootbeer float.
Now that's how you celebrate!

Miss Lilly, so not excited about having to have fluoride painted on her teeth.  
She told the dentist, I don't like how it feels, it's gross.  Ya, it kinda is.

We have a new Microsoft Office Specialist in the house!

Lilly:  Tristan, stop chomping your food.  I hate it when people chomp their food.  My sister Janie chomps her food.
Tristan:  I like to chomp my food, then I can smell it better.
When he wouldn't stop chomping, she showed him and went in the other room.

TB tests are fun and so are Jr High shots.
Doesn't my Gracie look so grown up!
I think she's adorable.

Janie accidentally broke her faux glasses so Lilly fixed them with a little Hello Kitty duct tape.
We celebrate 6 years of Lilly on Sunday.  6 years!  She was very serious when she told me, "Mom, you better not give me any clothes, I don't want clothes!"  I didn't listen.  Couldn't resist another Minnie outfit for our Minnie girl.  I'll wrap it with some play dough to lighten the blow.  
I guess I've officially graduated from being a baby mama.  I'm admitting to the world right here--I'm a little sad about it, and the husband would never admit it out loud, but he's a little sad about it too :).