Thursday, February 02, 2017

Lost Game Time

This Grandpa of mine...

2016 was not so great to Grandpa Moon.
He had a couple of bad falls.  One last winter and one this past August.
He hit his head pretty hard with the latter and needed quite a bit of physical therapy and round the clock care  for several weeks, so he's been with my Aunt Jill and Uncle Craig in St George.  They've taken such good care of him and spoiled him rotten.  He's doing much better and I hear he has a new hobby--playing games!

Playing a little Jenga with my Aunt Jill and cousin Emily.
My mom told me Grandpa never ever played games while she was growing up.  He was too busy being a dairy farmer, a cattle farmer and Idaho's Brand Inspector.  So I guess you could say he's making up for lost game time.