Thursday, February 09, 2017


When you fly Allegiant out of Provo or Ogden you feel like you're back in 1960.

It was so so great to be with our little Beau.
We had lots of snuggles and a few conversations.
He starting to smile and make cute baby noises.

His little Beau-hawk is the cutest.
His hair just sticks straight up on it's own.

70 degree weather in February was the best.
Felt a little weird to be the only one not pushing a stroller.

Beau's favorite sleeping position...

It was so nice to spend time with Beau's parent's too and my brother's family.
I flew into the Provo airport this morning so Kev and I did a session in the Provo City Temple before heading North.  What a beautiful temple inside and out.

The temple means everything to us.
The sealing power that binds our family together forever is one of our greatest blessings.