Monday, February 06, 2017

A Marriage Goal

A few weeks ago Kev and I had a conversation that went something like this...
Me:  What should our marriage goal for 2017 be?
Kevin: What was our last year's marriage goal?
Me: We didn't have one.
Kevin: That sounds good.  Let's set a goal not to have a marriage goal this year.

I told him last week our marriage goal was to purge our entire house, together.
We will pretend like we are moving and get rid of anything we don't want to move.
I thought it sounded fantastic (I get a real charge out of getting rid of stuff and I HATE clutter in all it's forms).  I told Kevin he could choose how much time we spent purging each week and when we'd purge.  He's thinking about it, but in the mean time I got so excited I tackled the storage room and part of the family room.  He cheered me on and drove me to the DI to drop off the stuff.  He's a good sport.  There was WAY more stuff than in the picture.  Filled the entire suburban :).

While I purged, the girls and I watched the video of pictures of my Grandma Moon my cousin Jeremy made for her funeral.  She's been gone almost 13 years.  She's one in a million.  I really miss her and these little girls of mine would have loved her.

Janie's been practicing up on her magic and gave us a great magic show yesterday.
And then those dang Patriots gave us all a pretty good show when they came back to win.
In our efforts over the past few years to be better about keeping the Sabbath day holy the men gave up Sunday football, and all sports on Sunday.  We make an exception for the Super Bowl though.