Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Cold Day

Saturday was a cold day in the Beck house.
The furnace was off, windows were open and we had our vents cleaned and disinfected for the first time in at least 16 years.

Ever since October we have had a ridiculous amount of colds--sore throats, coughs, ear aches and sinus infections.  I took Kloe to the Dr for the second time a couple of weeks ago after she'd had her 10th ear ache and sore throat of the season.  Once again she was told that her ears were fine but that she has Allergic Rhinitis which is usually caused by something in the air.  The allergy was causing the sore throat and her ears to hurt.  So I started thinking about what she could be allergic to.  She's never had allergies of any kind.  I read online that the number one cause of in house allergens is dirty vents.  Our new furnace has a stronger blower so its sending even more junk from our vents into the air.  I saw some of the stuff the vent guy blew out of the vents.  Oh my gosh.  So so gross.  Hopefully this will solve our problem.  Apparently, if you don't have pets you should get your vents cleaned about every 4 years.  

Gracie all bundled up playing a little Mario Kart.

If you're in the Salt Lake area and haven't cleaned your vents in over 16 years like us call Brandon with Rocky Mountain Duct Cleaning 801-759-2509.  I looked up "what to look for in a good vent cleaner" and he met all the criteria and he really knows his stuff.  Hopefully this will do the trick with all this sickness in our house.