Monday, May 19, 2014

Shots & Socks

Today was the day Janie has been dreading...

Kindergarten shots :(
I was planning not to tell her until the day of the Dr appointment but she has a brother and several sisters who LOVE to remind her that you need to have shots if you want to go to Kindergarten so she's been SO concerned about all the details.  She had a couple little breakdowns in anticipation of the shots but she powered through.  Lilly got a few too so Slurpee's and prizes were in order!

And then we ran into the fire fighters at Cafe Rio...

Emmy had a bunch of friends over to work on a book report for their English class.

It was a crack up!
They filmed an entire production of Jane Eyre.
In this scene Jackson is the preacher performing a marriage.

Esty's newest addition to his sock collection.
So weird.