Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Crazy Busy Girl

Look what I found today!!

I put Lilly's "Minnie dress" away after our Disneyland trip since she wanted to wear it every day and night and I wanted it for her Halloween costume.  When I went to get it for Halloween I couldn't find it anywhere.  It showed up today in the Girls 3T summer bin.  I checked that bin several times last Fall.  I struggle sometimes.

Wednesdays are the worst for Emmy.

Here is her schedule:
5:45am Wake up
6:15am Early Morning Seminary
7:30-2:10 School
2:15-3:15 Practice her Cello with the Dance Company
3:15-5:00 Practice with the Granite Youth Symphony
5:45-10pm Go to her cleaning job (she cleans an office on Wednesday nights)

When most Seniors are taking a lighter load this Senior has an over flowing schedule.  Add being an over-achiever on top of that and you have one crazy busy girl :).