Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday's are the Best!

Aren't Fridays just the best?!
The kids (except Emmy) get out early from school, there's the anticipation of Saturday and Sunday.  It's usually date night, and I try, most Fridays, aside from feeding and cleaning the children, to take the day off.

I'm pretty sure I forgot to color eggs the last two Easters.  I've had the same egg decorating box in my cupboard for like 3 years.  So today we colored eggs...

and ate an entire pan of peanut butter treats.

I've felt pretty crappy today.
Thank you Lilly for sharing whatever it is you have with me.
But we had LOTS to celebrate so I bucked up, took a shower and curled my hair and we took Emmy out for her favorite steak and rolls to celebrate her leaving for college!!!

Just kidding.
Emmy was chosen as one of the top 9 Honor students for the graduating class of Taylorsville High School!

Apparently, over-achieving pays off :)
But seriously, this girl has worked hard.  
In the 8th grade she set the goal to be a 4.0 student and she's done it!  She's also excelled in so many other areas of her life.  She sets her sights high and she goes for it.  
We love you Emmy and are so proud of all your dedication and hard work!