Monday, March 24, 2014

Missionary Monday - Week 6 in Cocaia

Well, it feels like I was here yesterday. I'm not sure that I have too much to say.

Transfer calls were last night and Elder Knechtel and I will be staying together, but moving to a different area. That makes 4 areas in four transfers and I think we all know how I feel about that. We will be in the same stake and zone, but have to start everything over again in a different area.

So I mentioned a few weeks ago about my interest in the gifts of the spirit and something in the talk that Grandma Linda sent me (Brownie Points to her) helped me a lot. I wanted to learn how to work miracles, and I believe that eventually I will, but the talk mentioned that first we need to figure out what gifts we already have and how we can magnify them. So I have learned a lot about what gifts I have and the type of missionary I am this transfer. Knowing that has helped me apply myself better here in a culture that appears to have nothing in common with me, as well as identify what I need to work on. (Its still hard to do anything significant in only 6 weeks, though!) And yesterday as we were going around saying good bye to everyone we did see some changes in a few people since when we first found them. I'd say that's what I am after here. I've been trying to figure out how exactly it is that I can show Charity to the people here and the conclusion I came to is to just try to leave everyone I meet better than I found them. However that may be.

Wellington Update: Still golden. His baptism is this Saturday.

Here's a little side thought for you. Elder Ucthdorf said in a talk that if you say that you love God but you don't keep his commandments, you are a liar! (John 14:15) Now I'm going to apply that a little differently: If you say you love God but don't feed his sheep (missionary work), you are a liar! (John 21:15

Elder Beck

Photo 1 - Zona Cocaia
Photo 2 - There is no space here that is not covered in Graffiti. About 90% of it is super ugly, but there are some pretty cool ones.