Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forgiveness and The Dance

I love that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints encourages us to forgive each other and teaches of the healing power of forgiveness.

Watch THIS message on forgiveness.

Today was one of THOSE days.
I could not get it together.
It began with leaving two of my grocery bags at Walmart.  Hate that.
I lost it with Lilly and may or may not have put her in the garage after she almost bit Janie's finger off.  (She grew out of the biting phase like a year ago, but she's Lilly and she'll do what she wants when she wants)

Later Lilly put a bunch of toilet paper in the bathtub.
You know what happens to toilet paper in the bathtub?

But all was made right in the world when the husband took me to Taggarts for our belated valentine dinner.  Our friends Marci and Rhett came with us.  It was their first visit and THEY ARE HOOKED!  Once a year, only for valentines day, Taggarts serves chicken cordon bleu.  I am a big fan of CCB so I tried it.  Amazing.  The husband got the french dip sandwich on a pita (they are known for their homemade pita bread), Marci got the dutch oven pot roast, and Rhett got the CCB too.  
And dessert--by the numbers:
4 pieces of carrot cake
1 toffee chocolate chip cookie
1 coconut chocolate macaroon

Marci and Rhett are already making plans to go back.

Now, let me rewind to a conversation Estabon and I had earlier this week...
Mom:  Are you going to the stake dance this Saturday?
Esty: Ya, it's at our church and you better not sign up to be a chaperon
Mom:  Uh, Dad and I have plans.  We're going to Taggarts.
Esty:  With who?
Mom:  Marci and Rhett

Present day:  10pm at the Stake Dance
The DJ:  This song (Forever Young) is dedicated to Estabon from his Mama

Haha!  Little did Esty know we were assigned to chaperon the late shift at the dance.
He didn't see it coming!
And he was such a great sport!  Came right over to dance with his Mama.  Look how tall my cute boy is getting!  
After a few minutes the husband cut in so the boy could do his thing and we kept our distance the rest of the night.  Although, when they played Stayin' Alive it was all I could do not to go show him and his friends my sweet moves.

This was the best the husband could do after they turned down the lights.
Kev and I spent the rest of the night slow dancing and doing some fantastic people watching.  There was a boy and girl who stood in front of us for like an hour just playing hand games--you know, where they smack each others hands with their knuckles and such.  I am sure all that poor girl wanted was for that boy to ask her to dance.  He was either chicken or completely clueless.

When we got home the children were nestled all snug in our bed :)