Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Early to Rise

Spent some time with my dad this morning working on a project for a fun "group project" I'm participating in.  Stay tuned... I'll be posting about it February 10th!

January is about finished.
I used to really dislike January but now that I've been a wife and mom for a few years I have really come to appreciate January as a month to regroup and refuel after the busy holiday season.  I love setting goals and I love to look back and evaluate what went well the previous year and what I can work on in the coming year.
The goal I wanted most to complete last year was getting back to the 5 o'clock club.  I am happy to say that although it took me almost the entire year (I blame Lilly) I did it!  I have been so much more productive the past couple of months with that one simple habit.  I have more time for gospel study and prayer, more time to read my Kindle, more time to cook, and the list goes on...  I also get more sleep because I am exhausted by the end of the day and go to bed sooner.  Early to bed and early to rise has its benefits for sure!