Monday, August 12, 2013

Missionary Monday - 4th Week in Marshall

We had a pretty good week here. It went by fast. We had Zone Conference on Friday and that hit the spot. I have a tendency to fall into a routine and Zone Conference or Trainings snap me out of it. They talked about member missionary work again, but one thing President said that hit me pretty hard was that when you use someone else as an excuse for something you are basically giving your agency to them. In my case it was referrals and the lack thereof. So I decided to take my agency back and figure out what I was going to about it. We don't really get fed and its hard to ask members for referrals when we never see them. So in PEC yesterday I told them that we barely had any dinner appointments, and that is fine, but we would like to start visiting families and sharing a short message and talking about who they talk with about the gospel and I just wanted to know which families to start with. Long story short, we doubled our meal appointments and have a few commitments for members to invite their friends to meet with us.

I went on a trade off to Battle Creek this week too. That was fun. Both Post and Kellogg's have major factories there. They call it cereal city. The whole city smells like cereal too. You can tell what they are making in the factories because you can smell it. They were making Fruit Loops when I was there. We taught this guy named Kasma who was raised Jehovah's Witness and then left the church two years ago and has visited a few churches since. During the First Vision he started crying and he was like, Man, I don't know why I'm crying! I ain't never cried in a church. Especially in the "Hall" (Kingdom Hall). Ha ha. And we were like, that's the Spirit. And he said no, I don't know why I'm crying. Anyways, that was cool. He told us a lot about what goes on in the "Hall". He says everyone there just doesn't want to die. I don't know how familiar you are with the Jehovah's Witnesses, I won't explain their beliefs to you, but it made a lot of sense. Then we went and taught the Law of Chastity to a guy.  He made dinner for us too. He grilled venison burgers. They were delicious. A lot of people eat venison here because there are a billion deer. I've had it quite a bit here, but I still can't tell the difference between venison and beef.

I've told you about Brother Young. He got back from Utah two weeks ago and we have been over to his house a few times. I love that guy! We have some great doctrine discussions. I'm glad he is moving to Utah so I can go visit him when I'm back. I don't know if he has a facebook, but you should look him up and have him over or something when his house finally sells.

The Calhoun County Fair is this week and the church has a booth for Family Search and we will be there for a few shifts. Hopefully that goes well. We were supposed to go today, but it got rained out. It was a good thing though because when we came out this morning our battery was dead so we had a good time trying to get it jumped in the pouring rain.

I think that's all I got. I know this might be a pain, but could I have my OGIO backpack with the ram on it? I just need more backpack space. I have some things I can send home too if that is what you want to do. Let me know. I hope you guys are doing well. Thanks for all you do. I love ya.

Elder Beck