Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Date With Dad

Miss Kloe is growing up!  She turns 12 next month but she could easily be mistaken for an 8th grader.  She's an early bloomer just like her Mama was and some days her hormones get the best of her.  Today was one of those days so her Dad took her on a date tonight and tried to help her make sense of all the roller coaster of emotions she's been dealing with.

As much as Kevin wanted more boys he really was meant to have girls.  He just "gets" us girls and is very patient and understanding and always knows the right things to say.

Kloe came home feeling 100% better and had the best time with her Daddy.
FYI-Should you run into Kloe and she gives you a dirty look or bursts in to tears or screams you down...don't take it personally :) just give her a hug and tell her everything's going to be ok.

Kevin took her to Cabellas and Scheels and she was happy as a clam with her new Cabellas hat and Scheels shirt :).  All my girls would choose shopping with their Dad at the Man Stores over the Mall any day!