Monday, August 26, 2013

A Great Monday

You know it's gonna be a good day when you have peach pie for breakfast (and maybe lunch too :).

Today was a great Monday!  I heard from my missionary boy and he is doing so great!  I spent lots of time with my babies, got lots done around the house, and my dentist had a cancellation today so he was able to work me in a week early for a crown, and the crown ended up being $200 less than I was originally quoted.  I listened to a conversation with Elder and Sister Jensen on the Mormon Channel while Dr Josh was drilling and it almost made the experience quite pleasant (just tryin a little harder to be a little better about looking on the bright side).

My girls got all their practicing and chores done before school so they could have fun after school.

The husband, with the "help" of the girls, got the boat ready for his fishing trip.  (The husband and the kids love spending time in the boat whether it's on or off the water.)

Estabon made the school volleyball team today and we had delicious BLT's with tomatoes from Papa Dave and Mama Linda's garden for dinner.  My day ended with an episode of Burn Notice and a walk with the husband.  Grateful for a great day!