Thursday, July 18, 2013


My brother Rick snatched up Mindy when she was just a baby :) she was only 18 when he married her.  These two have more fun together than any other couple I know!  They are a great team and great parents to their 4 boys!  This picture is actually like 4 years let me take this opportunity to ask Mindy and Rick to PLEASE get us an updated family picture?  Mama Jan, you're welcome :)

I think the entire family will agree that it's always more fun with Mindy around!  If Rick shows up to Family Night, or any other family event, minus Mindy, we all feel a little sad inside :...(

Mindy is such a fun Aunt (and second Mother to Estabon :).  She has a great sense of humor and a laugh that is SO contagious--even if she thinks something is funny and you don't, you still laugh because her laugh makes you laugh.  

FYI -- You will NEVER EVER win a staring contest with her.
So glad you're part of our family Mindy!  We love you!

Esty, delivering flyers, working to expand his lawn care business.

Coy won the prize for showing the most support for Despicable Me 2!
Minions are awesome!  Between me and Kev and Rick and Mindy we took 10 of our little Minions to the Drive Inn.