Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cousins Camp 2013

How long do you think she'll keep asking me if she can do the dishes?  

( Haylee, Jett and Madi)  Didn't get a group picture :(

Today Papa Tom took 7 of his grand kids to the Jordan River Temple.  They each were baptized for 4 people and Papa Tom was able to baptize them.  Of all the things we've done over the past week and a half this is one of the most important.  28 people who had died without the blessings of baptism can now access those blessings if they want them.

We gathered at Mama Jan and Papa Tom's for Cousin's Camp later in the day.  Notice the glider of death is now padded on the ends.  

We made rockets.  Ate tons of Pizza.  Then launched those rockets.  Thanks grandma and grandpa for a fun night!

We brought the Seattle cousins home with us and the girls went right to work on their nails.  Next week at this time they should have a new baby sister!  Natalie is scheduled to be induced next Tuesday, at 36 weeks.  She and baby are doing great.