Thursday, June 13, 2013

No Surprise

Emmy turns 17 next Tuesday and her BFF Aubrey goes into the MTC next Wednesday so the mom's and the daughters went to the girls' favorite place for lunch...

The Mandarin in Logan for Tiny Spicy Chicken :)
It was supposed to be a pre-birthday surprise but Emmy saw a text message I sent my friend about today's trip so there was no surprise :(  She pretended not to know until we picked up Aubrey and her Mom and then she came clean.  Oh well.

We were completely stuffed but the girls had to have their Aggie Ice Cream so we drove around looking at college housing for Emmy (Crazy huh? this girl will be in college before we know it!) until we were hungry enough for dessert.
Emmy and Aubrey were making plans for Spring semester 2015 when Aubrey will be home from her mission and they can be roommates!  Such fun adventures ahead for these girls.  I sure love them!