Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bed Rest and the Bucket List

Kloe...check out Braylee's cool shirt!

Janie--check out these cute S&P shakers Aunt Natalie gave to Mom.  All that orange needs to be peeled off (Janie LOVES to peel).

Just lovin' all this green and all this rain.
I was going to be all kinds of ambitious and help Natalie clean out her craft room...but I've been all kinds of dizzy today.  Hopefully it's just an altitude adjustment and I'll be fine tomorrow.  So we both were on bed rest.  Nat took the little couch and I took the big one and we talked and talked, and slept a little.

Meanwhile, back at home Cambree's mom picked up Gracie and they worked on her Summer Bucket List

Thanks Adrianne (Cambree's Mom) for Gracie's fun day.  She called me and talked for 10 minutes straight about all the fun she and Cambree had!