Monday, June 17, 2013

Missionary Monday - 8th Week

Hello, hello.
Let me first say that I have repented for hating on how ugly Alma and St. Louis is. It is beautiful now. I don't know what happened. Summer I guess.
Last Monday after I emailed we went over to our pastor friend's church. Which was huge by the way. Its totally a business. I felt a little bad using all his stuff that was bought with filthy lucre.  (1 Peter 5:2) But anyways, we went over to play Settlers of Catan. I guess its a pretty popular game, but I had never heard of it. Its pretty nerdy, but we had a good time. I did anyways, but that is because I won. Then after that we went geo cashing for family home evening with two of the families in the ward. That was fun. It was out in the corn fields and it was super foggy so it felt more adventurous than it was.
So I think I have told you that everyone in Michigan owns a dog, which is usually pretty cool. I feel like me and dogs get along really well. I love them and they love me. But we were at Duane's house on Tuesday and his room mate's dog came to the door when he let us in and he bit me! I've seen that dog at least 5 times and  We've had no issues. It wasn't that bad, he only put a little hole in my slacks, but the psychological trauma was devastating.
We went to one of the golf courses to hit a bucket of balls this morning and that was a lot of fun. The best part though, was that they have a deal on Mondays where you can play for a dollar a hole, cart included. The course is way nice too. Its back in the trees, super green and it didn't seem too straight either. I might just have mission goggles, but it seemed almost Wasatch Mountain status. So we are going to play a round next week. Elder Oler is more active than Elder Baird was, which I like. We played basketball this morning too. Darnel gave me the perfect description of what Elder Oler looks like and I crack up every time I think about it. He looks like a grown up Ralphie from the Christmas Story. Maybe I will get a picture of him for you some time.
That might be it for this week. We worked harder the past two weeks than we did my first transfer, but nothing has been happening. I have to give a talk next Sunday on following the prophet, so I'd appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter. Also, sorry to ask for another book, but can I get the latest edition of Mormon Doctrine? Thanks so much for the ones you sent. Also, thanks for holding the Sollis' hostage to write me some letters.
Happy Birthday to Robby and Emmy even though they don't write me. I'll be the bigger man :)
Elder Beck
Pictures - Geo cashing