Thursday, May 02, 2013

The Turkey Hunt

My boys are back from their turkey hunt in Colorado.
They got on the turkeys their first day out and if it wouldn't have been for another idiot hunter who busted in on them and started running through the trees (there was a reason he was hunting all by himself) they very well could have got one.
Sadly :( they didn't see any more turkeys the rest of the trip.
But, for these hunters it's win win either way.  Not getting a turkey means you don't have to clean it and nobody is complaining about that.

I asked Estabon to narrate the trip for me but he was too busy working on the travel trailer so I'll do my best...

Got stuck :(

The campsite.
Mindy very graciously let the boys borrow her trailer baby for the trip.

Target practice.

Eating s'mores while Coy stops to ponder between discussions about the deeper things in life.

Turkey hunting is tiring.

They hunt and they cook.
Kevin is in love with this Camp Chef (I think that's what it's called) and says I can pick one up for him at Costco for Father's Day.

Rick and the boys play games while Kevin takes a moment to record his hunting thoughts in his JOURNAL. It actually is not just a fishing journal but a hunting journal as well.

I am not sure which kid this is.  I'm going to guess it's Coy sleeping in the blind.

What ever you do, don't mess with this guy.

Picking up trailer supplies...check out Esty's shadow taking the picture.

I cleared out my closet and drawers today.
Came away with 1 1/2 bags.  Yessssssssss!