Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Wish I Liked Lobster

We slept in this morning, in an attempt to catch up from getting no sleep Thursday night. We headed out around noon, meeting up with Mindy's friends Jay and Mhari.

Our first stop was Little Italy. Loved all the buildings and charm of the shops and buildings.

We had lunch at a little place called La Famiglia...everything was SO good!

Then we headed to Mike's Pastry for my very first ever Cannoli...

The store reminded us of "Cake Boss". It was so crowded! Everyone was raving about the desserts...

I ended up trying a Limon Canolli and Peanut Butter Brownie. Loved them both, but I especially loved Mindy's Chocolate Mousse Cannoli. I'll be dreaming about it for years to come.

Here we are with Paul Revere
Mindy with one of the doors of the something something society :)

I loved this memorial built for the people who died in the Holocaust.

"Would anyone like a sugar-free candy cough drop" --Mindy
Mindy won the prize for "
Most Prepared" :)

This was a fun place to shop. It was here that I found "Boston" salt and pepper shakers to add to my collection (forgot to get a picture, I'll post one later) and where we went food window shopping in the biggest food court I've ever seen.

Some of us finished the day with Lobster (and more ice cream). I have never ever tried Lobster. I'm not a fish girl. Tuna is about all I eat. I want to like fish but I just can't get past the smell and the texture. I wish I did like fish. I kept thinking positive thoughts about Lobster all day. Most people love it and I hoped that I would too.

I considered getting my very own Lobster but it was too risky so I opted for just a bite to start. Didn't love it. No offense to the sea food lovers.