Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Play Dough and Baby Girl Clothes

In my early years of mothering I could not stand play dough. My older kids were deprived. I never let them have it and if someone gave them some I'd let them play with it once, they wouldn't put it away and neither would I. I'd just leave it out to dry and then chuck it.

Now that I'm an old mother I've chilled out a little. Gracie and Janie have enjoyed hours and hours of play doughing. Should it happen to dry out I just buy them some more.

When I was pregnant with Janie I was looking forward to getting rid of all my baby girl clothes as soon as I had the ultrasound telling me it was a boy. We all know how that turned out. Same thing with Lilly. So finally, we got the green light on a boy. Today was the day. I went through the storage room and packed up all the baby girl clothes Lilly has grown out of. I usually get a pretty big charge out of getting rid of stuff but it didn't happen for me today. It just felt weird.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my midwife. I haven't seen her since before we saw the specialist so I'm anxious to talk to her. I'm wondering if I'll need to switch to a Dr who deals with high risk pregnancies.