Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowmobile Trip

We headed to Midway this past week to the family cabin for a very fun snowmobile trip! Not sure which the kids were more excited about...snowmobiling or missing school!

Kloe and Gracie were the cutest little snowmobilers (is that a word?) ever! They had old ladies stopping on the trails to take their pictures. Not sure which they had more fun doing...riding snowmobiles or making a thousand snow angels!

"Night Rider"

When we arrived at the cabin there was no snow on the deck...a day and a half later this is how it looked! I am trying to flip you off but the gloves were just too stiff.

Janie can't wait to sink her gums into some real food.

In addition to snowmobiling we did all of the usual cabin activities...ate, watched movies, ate, slept, played games, and ate some more--fun times!