Sunday, January 18, 2009

Janie - 4 Months Old

It has been clear to me that 4 years in between kids is far to long of a break. I have totally been off my game as far as getting Janie on some sort of schedule, getting her to sleep in her bed and sleeping through the night. Thank heavens for the book "Baby Wise" it has been a lifesaver and I can happily say that Janie is now sleeping in her bed as well as putting herself to sleep and we are making good progress with getting her to sleep through the night...hopefully within the next few weeks we'll have that mastered...happy day for mom. I will say however, I have no regrets spending Janie's first 3 1/2 months with her in the rocking chair...she is a love bug and I have enjoyed every minute of her!

Gracie can't get enough of her little sister. She is constantly asking to hold Janie and it doesn't bother her a bit when Janie cries, she just keeps on talking to her and loving on her.

Janie loves to play with Dad. You've heard the phrase "I could eat you up"...well, Kev eats her up, literally, and she's finally starting to like it.

Janie reading a little of the good word with Dad during our family scripture study. Janie was so was 6:30am and she was more awake and alert than any of us.