Thursday, December 04, 2008


Thanksgiving was at my parents house this year. The cousins raided Megan's drawer full of this a funny picture or what! Karter, Coy, Kloe, Gracie and Kaitlynn

The "little" kids table.
Kamden, Gracie, Kaitlynn, Kloe and Maxzilla

The "BIG" kids table.
Karter, Coy, Emmy, Izzy, Jackson, Kota and Jett

The "BIG BIG" kids table!
Kevin, Becky, Janie, Stephanie (and Lyla), Rob, Mama Jan, Papa Tom, Rick, Tirk, Mindy, Scott and Kim

This is our "Earl" pose...if you have never watched "My Name is Earl" you won't get it.

Here is Mama Jan demonstrating the various size boxes and prices we can send things to Megan in and how to mail a package to Taiwan...we told her she could probably get hired by the post office to do home parties.

We also celebrated the September, October, and November birthdays...notice most of them come from my family.

Emmy and Tirk

Janie sporting her new bath towel from Uncle Mick and Aunt Rindy!

It was a great Thanksgiving...aside from missing Megan, the Conines and the Braunersrithers! Thanks Mom and Dad!