Sunday, December 14, 2008

Janie's Blessing Day

We blessed Janie Rose on December 7th. It was such a nice day and we want to thank everyone who came and supported us.

Kevin's Family

Janie with her Papa Dave and Mama Linda

Me and Janie, Judy, Kim, Kaylee and Tiffani

Grandma Jan gave Janie her blessing dress. It was a dress she wore as a baby. One of my mom's aunts made the dress. Grandma Linda made the booties and Grandma Jan made her hair peice. Grandma Linda also crocheted Janie's blanket. You can't see it very well in the picture but the blanket has little rose buds all over it--so cute!

All 8 of us!

Janie with her Grandma Jan and Papa Tom

It just isn't a party without a little Rock Band! Kev let each of the kids pick a movie or TV show poster for the basement...the Twilight poster was Emmy's pick.

Here's Coy singing his little heart out, Jax and Karter on the guitars, Scott and Max on the drums!

This would be our "I'm too sexy..." pose.

Izzy, my Dad and Uncle Alex

Rob and Steph

Cute little cousins!

Tirk with his Uncle Kevin

Janie with her Daddy. Kev has always maintained that I have the easy job of birthing the babies...he has the harder job of blessing them.