Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me - December 24th!

Many of you know my birthday is on Christmas Eve. Since we've been married most of my birthdays have been spent in Idaho with my Grandpa Moon but this year we stayed home and had a fabulous lazy day! We let the kids open their PJ's at around noon and the girls watched chick flicks and the boys watched football.

Growing up my mom made me a birthday dinner...and it was the same every year, Ham and Crunchy Potatoes with all the fixins. I decided to make that meal this year...thanks mom for all the great birthday dinners! My parents always made sure my birthday was special and separate from Christmas.

Emmy and the girls had a good time with the camera while I was fixing are the girls trying on Em's glasses.

We finished up the night watching the First Presidency Christmas Devotional, drinking Hot Chocolate with Ice Cream (thanks Marci for this idea, we LOVE it). The kids camped out in Jackson's room and watched the Grinch. Kev and I finished up with the wrapping while watching that show with the 18 kids (can't remember the name). Kev had never seen the show before and he was shocked at what he saw...he could not look away. And we thought things were crazy at our house!