Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Highlights

The highlight for me and Kev was the birth of baby Janie Rose! She blesses our family every day and we're so glad to finally have her!

The highlight for Jackson and Dakota was definitely their football season. Both boys had great coaches, great teams, and really excelled in their positions!

The highlight of Emmy's year was getting to spend lots of time with her BFF Alexandra, who lives in Richfield. Here they are in Lake Powell having a great time!

The highlight of Kloe and Gracie's year was a trip to the Magic Kingdom to see all their favorite princesses...although they tell me "We have to go back Mom" since yet again, they did not see Cinderella.

The kids humored me by wearing these Incredibles t-shirts...and they really humored me by posing for this picture :) !