Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

9 years ago my friend Marci made this costume for her son Bridger out of one of Dakota's little sleepers. I think it's so cute! Kloe, Gracie and now Janie have all worn it! Janie is looking longingly into her Papa Dave's eyes...he knows how to work the magic with all our kids as babies, they will sleep on him for hours.

In all the years we've had kids for Halloween we have NEVER had to take them trick-or-treating! It's a beautiful thing...their aunt Tami and uncle Steve take them every year. In the snow, rain or wind they get the job done while Kev and I watch a movie in the comfort of his parents basement (this year it was "The Thing"--a film made in the 80's--now that's entertainment!).