Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy 7th Birthday Kloe!

Kloe's birthday was September 20th. I was still in the hospital that day so my Aunt Judy took my girls and Kloe's cousin Kaitlynn, and gave Kloe a very fun sleepover birthday party! Judy's girls helped with the party--Ashley, Kaylee and Tiffani. I am lucky to have an aunt so close to me in age...Judy had her last two kids the same time I had my first three, so our kids are great friends!

The girls had fun making sugar cookies! (Kaitlynn, Gracie, Ashley, Kloe) The girls also had fun playing "Polly's", jumping on the trampoline, playing in the backyard, and watching Hercules.

All that partyin' wore the girls out! Thanks so much Aunt Judy, Ash, Kaylee and Tiff!!

My parents gave the girls little irons and dust busters for their birthday. They have spent hours ironing! Grandma Jan told Kloe when she was 7 it was her job to do all the ironing--and there was a ton of ironing! My kids have it so easy!