Monday, August 25, 2008


Last Thursday and Friday we had a fun Cousin's Camp! The kids had such a great time...and we made it through with almost no tears, no stitches and no broken bones! We missed our Texas cousins and Rick's boys--they were at soccer camp.

Natalie made these cute invitations!

After a delicious hot dog dinner Papa Tom led a fun game of Bingo! Mama Jan came too and made popcorn...we can always count on Mama Jan for popcorn! Later that night we made smores and Emmy led the kids in campfire songs (minus the campfire).

Friday morning after a big pancake breakfast, the kids made crowns and visors, wrote Aunt Megan letters and made homemade rockets. We went to the park for a picnic and Papa Tom brought his rocket launchers. The kids couldn't get enough of shooting their rockets! Thanks Grandpa for all the fun!

I love this picture! I went outside after everyone finished playing in the pool and all the kids were crowded around Papa Tom eating popscicles--so cute! The kids wore Papa Tom right out! The cousin's camp was a great time and we made lots of great memories!