Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fiddle Concert in the Park

One of my favorite summer traditions is the girls fiddle concert they have every July at Sugarhouse Park. It is a fun way for the kids to perform and show off all their hard work. My favorite part of the concert is when they play the Ashokan Farewell. I get all misty every time I hear is such a beautiful song. I told Emmy when I die she has to play it at my funeral.

Emmy is the one in blue...this was the first year she was able to perform every single song! The day before the concert she realized there was one song she didn't know so she taught it to herself that night and was ready to go the next day. She did awesome!
This is the girls with their voilin teacher, Linda Clark. Emmy's been with her since she started taking lessons 6 years ago. Linda is such a great teacher and really does a lot for the kids--the fiddle concert is a major production and then in the fall she puts on a big chamber concert and in the spring she has all the kids participate in federation. Notice the Hannah Montana shirt Kloe is was the best $5 bucks I've ever spent in order to get her to practice.